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Lárus Steinþór Guðmundsson
Migraine research globally recognised
The Doctoral study of Lárus Steinþór Guðmundsson at the Faculty of Medicine on the effects of migraine with aura has...
Alma Björg Guttormsdóttir working in the hospital
Obesity among Icelandic children grows fast
“Obesity is a global problem, and one of the major challenges of the 21st Century. This problem needs effective...
Valdimar Tr. Hafstein, Associate Professor of Folkloristics
Surveilling the surveillance
The number of Surveillance cameras in Iceland has increased substantially in recent years. This applies to cameras...
Peter Holbrook
Caries, Cavities and Genetics
Most people nowadays are familiar with the pedagogic message that sugar, soft drinks and unhealthy lifestyle choices...
Rajesh Rupakhety
Ground motion prediction
“I’ve been fascinated with earthquakes since I did my undergraduate study in geology in Nepal,” says Dr. Rajesh...
Elizabeth Unger
An Econometric Assessment of Iceland Exporting/Importing Electricity
"High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) technology has many key benefits, especially in the case of transmitting...
Árni Kristjánsson
Research of behaviour, perception and emotions
"Students and teachers of psychology collaborate in researching human behaviour, emotion and perception, in as broad...
 Helga M. Ögmundsdóttir
Breast cancer research looks promising
Important breast cancer research has been carried out in Iceland. Helga M. Ögmundsdóttir, Professor at the University...
Ebba Þóra Hvannberg
Computer-connected white cane
Computers are more human than many realise. Human-computer interaction is researched within the field of computer...
Ólafur Ingólfsson
Found the world's oldest polar bear
The BBC Science & Nature website reported on the achievements of Ólafur Ingólfsson, Professor of Earth Sciences at...


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