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The University Archives

The University Archives

The main purpose of the University Archives is to collect, organize and preserve all University records and documents that have either a practical use or are of historic value to the University.
The Archives historical treasures are both varied and extensive, bearing witness to the University's nearly 100 year history. Documents of the archives are of all kinds - papers, photos, posters, artefacts, films etc.

Location and opening hours:

The University Archives is located in the Main Building - „Aðalbygging" - on Suðurgata. Our offices are open both to the University community and the general public from 09:00-16:00, closed during lunch hours.


Nils Kjartan Guðmundsson, system administrator, tel. 525-4318, e-mail:
Áslaug J. Marinósdóttir, project manager, tel. 525-5421,  e-mail:
Halla Hallsdóttir, project manager, tel. 525-4498, e-mail:

The University of Iceland Archive is responsible for:

  • instructing and encouraging the administrative divisions of the University to manage their records in an efficient manner using electronic records management
  • finding concrete solutions to specific problems related to University records management problems
  • gathering records from offices and administrative divisions throughout the University
  • operating a records management centre for storing University records
  • providing training and instructions to staff performing records management duties
  • giving advice on records management for the various divisions of the University
  • instructing on the types of various filing equipment and accessories to be used by the University.


NUAS -Conference 2004
ICA/SUV Conference 2006

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