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School of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Graduate studies in renewable energy

Graduate studies in renewable energy

Would you like to take on the great challenge of the 21st century of providing clean energy?

Renewable Energy Graduate Program, University of Iceland


Renewable Energy The world faces large challenges in providing clean and efficient energy for its population. Energy production in harmony with nature and society is one of the main tasks of this century and the demand for expertise in Energy and Earth Resources is growing.

Iceland, being a volcanic island in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, gets 80% of its energy from utilization of geothermal and hydroelectric resources.  Engineers and scientists in Iceland have for decades worked on solving problems relating to the harnessing, utilization and technologies needed for sustainability of these energy sources, with increasing emphasis in recent years on how to minimize environmental impact.

The Renewable Energy Graduate Program provides opportunities for students in engineering, science and economics of energy resources.  Private sector and government organizations face a growing need for professionals that can plan, evaluate, and manage complex resource projects which often include partners with a variety of professional backgrounds. The Renewable Energy Graduate Program at University of Iceland is well suited for 21st century careers in hydropower, geothermal energy, electrical power and energy sustainability.


The Program

The University of Iceland offers six lines of study within individual faculties.

For detailed information regarding available lines of study, please click on the following links below:

Line of study



Geothermal Engineering

Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science


Hydropower Engineering

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Electrical Power Engineering


Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Geothermal Resources

(Geology, Geochemistry, Geophysics)


Faculty of Earth Sciences



Energy Economics, Policy and Sustainability

Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Natural Resources


Environmental Impact and Sustainability

(to be announced later)

Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences



Structure of the studies

The Renewable Energy Graduate Program is a two year program leading to a master’s degree (M.Sc.) at the University of Iceland.  Following common introductory courses and projects each of the six study lines will include compulsory and elective courses to meet the needs of individual students.  Coursework accounts for 60-90 ECTS and the Master’s thesis for 30-60 ECTS in total 120 ETCS.

How do I apply?

Applicants must satisfy the graduate enrolment criteria of the respective faculty. 

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Earth Sciences
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Industrial Eng., Mechanical Eng. and Computer Science
Life and Environmental Sciences
Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Natural Resources

Application deadline for the school year 2016-2017 is 1 February 2016.  

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