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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


Where do I find booklists for courses taught at the University?
At the homepage for Bóksala stúdenta you will find booklists for most courses.  Booklists can usually also be found on the websites of courses at Ugla or in the course catalogue.

Where can I find lecturers´ post boxes?
Lecturers´ post boxes are located in Askja and VR-II.  

Where will I find my student association?
If you don‘t know which student association you belong to, you can contact Stúdentaráð (SHÍ),,  and they can give you the information.

How do I get access to buildings on the university campus after hours?
The Student ID Card gives access to most university buildings 24 hours a day. Those who do not have a Student ID Card, have access to University buildings at the following hours.

Where do I get a Student ID Card?
Applications for Student ID Cards are made on the University intranet, Uglan. When you have received notification that the card is ready, the card can be collected and signed for at the University Centre Service Desk, open from 8:30-18:00 (summer hours 8:30-16:30).

Where can I make photocopies?
You can find copying machines at the National and University Library of Iceland. Cards for the machines are available at the service desk on the 1st floor.
In addition to that, Háskólaprent also offers printing services to students.  Háskólaprent is located at Fálkagata 2.

Where do I find timetables?
Timetables can be found here.

How do I register for courses at the University of Iceland?
Students are individually responsible for their studies and students at the University of Iceland register for courses through Ugla Intranet.
Information regarding registration periods can be found in the University´s academic calender.

How do I deregister from courses at the University?
Students are individually responsible for their studies and students at the University of Iceland deregister from courses through Ugla Intranet. (Choose "My courses", behind every course you´re registered for says "Úrsögn".  By choosing "Úrsögn" you deregister ).
Information regarding deregistration periods can be found in the University´s academic calender.

Where can I get a printed copy of my transcript?
The Service Desk at the University Centre provides a variety of services to students, including overviews of grades, academic audit, courses, and various certificates students might require, for instance for rent subsidies, holiday pay, child subsidies, etc. Students can also get printing quota, and their username and password for Ugla.


Do I need to register for examinations?
A registration for a course is at the same time a registration for an examination. The only examinations that require separate registration are resit examinations. You can register for a resit examination by sending an email to the Registration Office (, stating your name and ID-number, as well as the number and name of the course.

How do I deregister from a examination?
A deregistration from a course is at the same time a deregistration from an examination. Students at the University of Iceland deregister from courses/examinations through Ugla Intranet (My Owl --> My Courses --> Drop).  The deadline for dropping autumn semester courses is 1st October.  For the spring semester the deadline is 1st February.

What if I am ill at the time of the examination?
In order to avoid failing the course, a medical certificate must be handed in to the University Centre Service Desk, opening hours 8:30-18:00 (summer hours 8:30-16:30), within three working days of the examination. The day of the exam is not included and if the third day is a weekend you hand in the medical certificate the next workday. The number and name of the course in question must be written on the certificate. If you want to take a makeup exam you register in Ugla Intranet when the registration period for make-up exams has been announced.
If the exam is a mid-term exam a medical certificate shall be submitted to the faculty office or to the teacher in question. 

What if I fail in an exam? 
If you fail an examination you may resit it when a general examination is next held in the course and no later than within a year. In addition, faculties may, in consultation with the Director of Examinations, arrange special resit examinations in individual courses. Such special resit examinations are intended solely for students who previously have sat an examination in the respective course.
Students pay a fee of ISK 6,000 for each resit exam they register for.

Can I retake an examination in a course I have completed?
Students are permitted to retake examinations after they have completed the course if they want to raise their grade, within one year of taking the examination. This can be done, either by registering again for the course or registering for the resit examination.

If a student chooses to retake an examination his/her first grade becomes invalid simply by attending the examination. Therefore, if a student earns a lower or failing grade the second time, that grade is valid. See further Article 57 of the Regulations of the University of Iceland.

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