University of Iceland

Tourism Studies

Tourism Studies (BS)

A Bachelor's degree in Tourism Studies is a three year study program. It is highly emphasised during the programme that students acquire a broad knowledge of tourism and the skill to participate in the establishing, organizing and management of successful tourism industries.

An understanding of the causes and nature of travel along with the effects of tourism on nature and society is an important factor of this. Aside from the required courses, students are able to take elective courses for a total of 60 units and thus increase their knowledge within a certain field. An integral part of the programme is practical study in the field, followed by the systematic reasoning of results.  At the end of the program, students complete a 10 unit independent research project that tests both their imagination and organization skills.

Following increased tourism, society's need for educated people in the field of tourism studies is ever increasing.  Specialists in tourism studies work within a broad sphere, both in the public- and private sectors.

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