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Explanation of timetables

Timetables are published on School of Engineering and Natural Sciences website.  Drafts of timetables are published in August.  A few days before school starts final drafts are published. 

A timetable could look like this: 
JAR103G f Steind.1 SS, SG, N-132
First there is the code for the course, (JAR103G), then the type of teaching f= lecture. Some courses also include a practical which are marked either d or v (there you can be split into groups which can be from d1-d5 or v1-v5). The teacher will decide which group you will belong to.  Then a short version of the name of the course, then the initial letters of the teacher and then class room. 
Here below is a list of the buildings and their abbreviations that appear in the timetable. The first letters are the abbreviation for the building, the number after the hyphen is the class room number. The first number will show you on which floor the class room is. 
e.g. N-132 (N is Askja, 1 first floor, 32 the room number
A = University Main Building [Aðalbygging Háskólans]
Að = University Main Building [Aðalbygging Háskólans]
AR = Árnagarður
Á = Árnagarður
As = Askja Natural Sciences Building
G = Gimli
H = University Cinema [Háskólabíó]
HB = University Cinema [Háskólabíó]
HA = Hagi, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences building
HT = University Centre [Háskólatorg]
L = Lögberg
Miðjan = University Cinema groundfloor hall
N = Askja Natural Sciences Building
Ná = Askja Natural Sciences Building 
NG = Nýi garður
O = Oddi
T = Centre for Technical Innovation [Tæknigarður]
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