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Academic programmes

Academic programmes

The Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science offers a variety of academic programmes in the fields of engineering and computer science, which share the common feature of being highly practical and valuable for the build-up and management of modern society.

Undergraduate programmes - taught in Icelandic (3 years) towards a B.S. degree

  • Further information on programmes and courses is available in the course catalogue.

Master’s programmes (2 years) towards an M.S. degree (taught in English)

Master’s programmes in engineering subjects are four semesters, 120 ECTS.

  • Part of the programmes can be completed at an international partner university.
  • Various grant opportunities.
  • Good work facilities.
  • A master’s degree is necessary for the chartered title of Engineer.

Doctoral programmes (3 years) towards a Ph.D. degree (taught in English)

The doctoral programme upon completion of a master’s programme is 210 ECTS, a minimum of three-years of fulltime work.

The doctoral programme is an individual research programme, in collaboration with supervisors. The programme is divided into coursework and a research project. The coursework shall be at least 60 ECTS. A doctoral student shall spend a minimum of one year at the University of Iceland upon completion of coursework.

After graduation:

  • Students in industrial and mechanical engineering have a substantial and reliable knowledge of a variety of complicated calculations, structural design and machinery, energy use and utilisation, investment and profitability calculations, quality management, automated control systems, and various statistical techniques, in addition to management of companies and projects.
  • Students in computer science and software engineering have an exceptional understanding of software development and computer technology, a broad and good foundational knowledge, which is easy to build upon. They have substantial and reliable knowledge of programming, needs analysis for information technology, design, testing, project management, quality management, and the ability to create various models.
  • Excellent employment opportunities.
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