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Academic Programmes

Academic Programmes

Academic programmes in electrical and computer engineering provide a solid foundation in the design, construction and analysis of signals and systems. The programmes also aim to provide good foundational knowledge in the design of hardware and software. The design and building of specialised external equipment for computers, as well as analysis of data and development of processing methods, is also a large part of the studies.

With the emergence of new knowledge in information technology the overlap with communication technology has become ever clearer. The faculty emphasises foundational knowledge in communication technology, which students can synthesise, with information technology through diverse courses on offer.

Undergraduate programmes (taught in Icelandic)

Graduate Studies (M.Sc)

The graduate studies is a two year programme or four semesters, totalling 120 ECTS untis. Students graduate with a Master of Science degree in electrical and computer engineering.

Study schedule:

  • The student chooses a supervising professor from a list of full time teachers at the faculty.
  • The student chooses a programme in collaboration with the supervisor. The aim is that the student attends courses in the first year and in the latter he does a research project.
  • In the masters programme you have the option of going abroad and attend courses at foreign universities.
  • The masters project is worked in a collaboration with the supervisor. The project is 60 ECTS units or two semesters.
  • In order to recieve the job title Engineer you must have a masters degree in engineering. To recieve the title in Iceland, graduates will have to apply for it at the Ministry of Industry.

Post Graduate Studies (Ph.D)

  • Doctorate studies after a masters degree is 180 ECTS units, at least three years studies as a full time job.
  • The doctoral programme is an individual research programme, in collaboration with supervisors. The programme is divided into coursework and a research project. The coursework shall be at least 60 ECTS. A doctoral student shall spend a minimum of one year at the University of Iceland upon the completion of coursework.


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