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About the Faculty

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering is part of the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences at the University of Iceland. Ambitious academic programmes are offered in electrical engineering and computer engineering at three levels: Undergraduate studies towards a B.S. degree, master's studies towards an M.S. degree, and doctoral studies towards a Ph.D.

An exceptional group of well-educated and well-trained lecturers and scientists work at the faculty, providing students with excellent teaching and guidance.

There is a strong research tradition within the faculty, and a rich emphasis is placed on publication of lecturers’ and students’ research results in international peer-reviewed venues; both at conferences and in academic journals. This, in addition to strong international collaboration and cooperation with the professional sector allows the faculty to be at the forefront in a challenging competitive environment.

The faculty takes part in extensive collaboration with internationally acclaimed universities, and students are given the opportunity to complete part of their studies at these institutions.

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