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Academic programmes

Academic programmes

Professional ambition and vigorous research activities

An education in earth sciences at the University of Iceland aims to prepare students to participate and advance in most fields of earth sciences.

Exchange programme

Earth science for exchange students

Undergraduate programmes (taught in Icelandic)

  • Further information on programmes and courses is available in the course catalogue.

Graduate programmes

  • The graduate programme is based on the specialisation within the different field of earth sciences and is spilt between a master's programme and a doctoral programme.
  • Teachers and specialists at The Faculty of Earth Sciences and The Earth Science Institute are professionally ambitious and conduct vigourous research.
  • Teachers and specialists participate in grand, international science projects and each year, they publish great many articles in international science journals.  This benefits students by way of a modern view on the subjects and tasks of earth sciences.
  • Earth Sciences are on the march and job prospects are good. It should be enough to point out the importance on geological research for the harvest of geothermal energy, hydro-electric power, the monitoring of volcanic regions, the use of minerals and environmetnal research.
  • Students at the Faculty of Earth Sciences are highly sought after by the industry. They work both within the public and the private sector.  A great deal of earth scientists works in relation to environmental affairs as well as teaching in junior colleges /high schools and universities.

Graduate programmes in geology:

Graduate programmes in geophysics:

Gratuate programmes in Earth Sciences

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