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About the Faculty

About the Faculty

A leading force

The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering is part of the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences at the University of Iceland. The faculty has been a leading force in rapid progress and development in environmental issues and civil engineering in the last few decades. Ambitious academic programmes in civil and environmental engineering are offered on three levels: Undergraduate studies towards a BS degree, master's studies towards an MS degree, and doctoral studies, Ph.D.

Vigorous research and strong ties to the professional sector

The faculty has an exceptional team of well-educated and well-trained lecturers and scientists. Lecturers’ vigorous research activities and strong ties to the professional sector ensure that students tackle projects that are realistic, and based on the most recent professional knowledge.

International collaboration

The faculty's international relations are strong. All tenured lecturers have undertaken studies and research at respected institutions abroad, and are at the forefront of their theoretical field in the international scientific community.

The faculty engages in extensive collaboration with internationally acclaimed universities, and students are given the opportunity to complete part of their studies at these institutions.


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