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Undergraduate programmes

Undergraduate programmes

Undergraduate programme is taught in IcelandicImage

The BA programme in social work is a three-year programme (180 ECTS). The programme consists of core modules (172 ECTS) and elective modules (8 ECTS).

A minor programme in social work is not available, but students from other programmes are welcome to take courses at the faculty (provided they comply with the prerequisites for each course). Courses that have been particularly popular by students from other programmes are: Abuse and Neglect in Families; Crisis, Grief and Psychological First Aid; Ageing and Matters of the Elderly.

The BA programme in social work provides students with an understanding of social workers' scene of work and work approaches, knowledge about the welfare system as well as theoretical basic knowledge and experience of social science methodology. An emphasis is placed on training in approaches in community work and working with clients, knowledge about management and policy making.

A BA degree following a 180 ECTS programme in social work from University of Iceland is one of the admissions requirements into the M.A programme in Social Work with Professional Recognition.

Objective of social work
The foundation for social work is respect for the humanity and individuality of each person, and belief in his/her ability to reach their full potential.

The objective of social work is to work towards solving social and personal problems, and eliminate social injustice.

A social worker counteracts breaches of human rights, wherever they may take place.

Opportunities for international exchange programmes
If possible, students are able to take part of their undergraduate studies at universities abroad. The involvement of the Faculty of Social Work in Nordic and European partnerships should be noted in particular. The Office of International Education provides further information.

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