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Lecturers at the faculty carry out research in diverse areas closely associated with the professional field. Emphasis is placed on research on Icelandic society within an international context.

The main research areas include: Child protection, professional development in social work, family and social policy, maternity/paternity leave and child care, child and family issues (including family ties, divorce, child poverty), the position of seniors and issues of aging, guidance, violence, consumer consulting, long-term unemployment and rehabilitation, volunteering and open associations, management and structure of social and health services.

The Centre for Children and Family Research is part of the Faculty of Social Work and is a comprehensive arena for research in the field of social work, especially related to strategic planning, development and service in child and family protection, covering the entire span from youth to senior years. The centre organises seminars in cooperation with lecturers at the Faculty of Social Work.

The Icelandic Center for Third Sector Research is the first center on the topic in Iceland. It is based at the University of Iceland. School of Social Sciences.  The centre is a cooperation of two Faculties. Faculty of Social Work and Faculty of Politcial Sciences and Almannaheill, The Association of the third sector in Iceland.

The Faculty of Social Work is a member of Ís-Forsa, an association for research in the field of social work.

Campbell Collaboration in the Nordic Countries, NC2, is a centre for quality assessment of social work research, social debates and strategic planning. Iceland’s representative is Sigríður Jónsdóttir, office manager at the director office, Division of Welfare, Reykjavík Municipality.

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