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Graduate programmes

Graduate programmes

ImageThe purpose of graduate degree programmes in social work is to provide dedicated professional knowledge on the approaches and speciality areas of social work. Graduate degree programmes are also intended to prepare students for careers in research and development.

Main language is Icelandic

Master's programmes:

  • M.A. in Social Work with Professional Recognition, 120 ECTS
  • M.A. in Social Work, Research programme,120 ECTS
  • M.A. in Gerontology, Research programme, 120 ECTS
  • Nordic Master's programme in Gerontology (NordMaG), 120 ECTS

Postgraduate diploma (30 ECTS)
The Faculty of Social Work offers 30 ECTS diploma programmes in social work within the faculty's speciality areas. The objective of the programmes is to meet the need for dedicated knowledge and ability in social work. The programmes are not taught every year, please contact Faculty of Social Work for further info:

  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselling
  • Child Protection
  • Multicultural Social Work
  • Forensic Social Work
  • Educational Social Work
  • Gerontology Social Work

The Faculty also offers a interdisiplinary postgraduate diploma in gerontology 30 ECTS. The programme is taught every year.

  • Gerontology,

Doctoral programmes

The Faculty offers a PhD in Social Work (210 ECTS)

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