University of Iceland

Academic programmes

Academic programmes

The main language of instruction at the Faculty of Social Work is Icelandic. 

The undergraduate programme is taught in Icelandic and so are most of the graduate studies.

Nordic Master´s Degree Programme in Gerontology - NordMaG

The Nordic Master's Degree Programme in Gerontology (NordMaG), which was launched in the autumn of 2008, is a multidisciplinary and jointly implemented degree programme in higher education in the Nordic countries in the field of gerontology. It combines the expertise of four Nordic Universities; University of Iceland, Lund University, SwedenUniversity of Jönköping, Sweden, and Gjövik University, Norway. The programme has been awarded the Nordic Status from the Nordic Council of Ministers. 

The programme is taught partly in English at the University of Iceland. After completion of the programme a Master Degree is awarded by the student's home university and a NordMaG certificate is granted jointly by the three universities.

The programme qualifies graduates for employement e.g. in  the fields of administration, policy development, education and research. It is also designed to educate new professionals needed in an aging society at regional, national, Nordic, and international levels.

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