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The Faculty offers a diverse variety of undergraduate and graduate programmes

Social and Human Sciences



Lecturers at the faculty have vigorous research operations, both individually and in collaboration with others, domestically and abroad. Several lecturers operate research units, related to their research.

The Social Science Research Institute was founded in 1986. The Institute's objectives are to promote the practice of social scientific methods by carrying out practical and academic research. Within the institute several independent research centres operate, related to lecturer’s research projects.

Social Science Research Institute
Institute of Anthropology
Centre for Disability Studies
Research Centre for Occupational Health and Working Life
Research Centre in Human Movement and Multiculturalism
Centre for Lifelong Guidance Expertice (CLGE)


The faculty collaborates with a variety of parties, both domestic and international. Ties to the professional sector are good, and several firms and institutions work with the faculty. Collaboration between the university, the private sector and public sector organisations is greatly rewarding for students and lecturers. Vigorous collaboration is also important for the professional sector, as the university has been the driving force of Icelandic enterprise, and still plays a key role in making Iceland internationally competitive.

Vigorous international relations
The University of Iceland operates in an international environment, and the faculty collaborates with a number of international universities and research institutions in regards to research, student exchange, staff exchange, and more. All students at the faculty are given the opportunity to complete part of their studies abroad, and a large group of international students comes to the faculty each year to study. The faculty puts a great emphasis on international relations in all of its work, and is constantly working to strengthen and bolster those ties.

The Faculty of Social and Human Sciences is part of the School of Social Sciences at the University of Iceland.

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