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The general examination periods are from 2 - 16 December and 25 April to 10 May.

Makeup exams and special resit exams for autumn semester 2015 are from 17. - 23.  May.

Makeup exams and special resit exams for spring semester 2016 are from 1. - 7. June.

To be eligible to register for a special resit exam in a course, the student must previously have sat an examination in the respective course. Students pay a fee of ISK 6000 for each resit exam they register for.

Studies at the University of Iceland require that students register themselves for courses and examinations. Each student is responsible for his/her course of studies. Students thus must heed registration regulations and the announced registration periods.

Faculties are responsible for teaching and exams. Teachers are responsible for exams, but each faculty determines how examinations are arranged, in so far as there are not binding provisions in legislation or university council regulations. The duration of a written exam is generally three hours. The Director of Examinations is responsible for the preparation and administration of exams, in association with schools and faculties.

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