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LL.M. in Natural Resources and International Environmental Law

LL.M. in Natural Resources and International Environmental Law

The LL.M. in Natural Resources Law and International Environmental Law at the Faculty of Law, Univer­sity of Iceland is a specialised Masters-Program in law created for students from around the world who have reached a relatively high standard in their basic legal education (corresponding to a law degree after at least three years of law studies) and want to focus on legal rules relating to natural resources and issues of environment or resource management in an international and European perspective. The Program is conducted exclusively in English.

The LL.M. Program is inspired by Iceland’s unique natural setting and legal history within the field of natural resources law. It is furthermore built on the law faculties’ strenghts in this area as well as in the field of international environmental law. The Program is organised in such a way as to provide in-depth analysis in the specialised fields of natural resources and inter­national environmental law com­bined with an ample opportunity for participants to exper­ience the natural wonders and beauty of Iceland and its culture.

The Program consists of 90 ECTS, including a final paper which counts for 30 ECTS or 60 ECTS, further information. It is a one-year Program beginning in September or January, providing participants with the opportunity to submit their final papers in August or January the next year.

Students that intend to graduate must submit both a printed and an electronic copy of their thesis. Two printed copies should be submitted to the service desk in Gimli and the electronic copy should be submitted to

Students should start by submitting an electronic copy of their thesis to Skemman. If the thesis is accepted you will receive an e-mail confirming this. This confirmation should be printed and handed in to the Service desk along with the printed copies and a declaration of access concerning all copies. 

According to the rules of the LLM programme the applicant must have finalised a BA degree in law or an equivalent law degree to be eligible for the programme. If a certified copy of the diploma (graduation certification) is however not available when the LLM application is originally submitted, it must be sent to the Law office before the teaching commences. Otherwise the LLM studies cannot begin.

The aforementioned applies to all exchange students that change programmes.

According to the rules of the LLM Programme a student can be exempted from taking an exam in a particular LLM course or courses if the student submits the necessary papers of having finalised equivalent studies at a master´s level at another university than the University of Iceland.

As the LLM programme is not a distant learning programme all LLM students need to stay in Iceland during the period when the classes take place.

Information about application can be found here.

Rules for the LL.M Program (.pdf)

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