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Institute of Human Rights

Institute of Human Rights

The University of Iceland Institute of Human Rights is an independent institution, founded by the University of Iceland, the Icelandic Law Society and the Icelandic Judge’s Society, 14th April 1994.

The institute is based in Lögberg on Suðurgata.

The main purpose of the institute in accordance with its founding charter is to work on research relating to the legal aspects of human rights, see to mediating research results and support teaching in this field. To this end the institute’s board shall, for instance, initiate seminars about human rights issues and support students, lecturers, lawyers, judges and others in studies, and initiate information meetings regarding human rights issues.

The Institute of Human Rights board:
Björg Thorarensen professor, nominated by the University Council, chairperson
Phone +354 525-4381, Email:
Róbert Ragnar Spanó deputy chairperson, nominated by the University Council
Hjördís Hákonardóttir judicial official, nominated by the Icelandic Judge’s Society
Hrefna Friðriksdóttir attorney, nominated by the Icelandic Law Society
Hilmar Magnússon attorney, alternate, nominated by the Icelandic Law Society
Pétur Leifsson associate professor, alternate, nominated by the University Council

María Thejll, director of the Institute of Law, is the director of the institute
Office 408, phone +354 525 5203, email

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