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Student life

Student life

Student social life at the University of Iceland is strong and diverse, and everyone should be able to find something to suit them.

Student life at the Faculty of Economics

Ökonomia, the association of students of economics at the University of Iceland, has been driving force behind strong student social life for decades.

Maestro, the association of graduate students

The purpose of Maestro is to protect the interests of graduate students at the Faculty of Business Administration and the Faculty of Economics at the University of Iceland, and among other things to endorse a professional discussion among the members by arranging meetings and publishing a newsletter. The association organises visits to various interesting businesses.

Other student associations within the faculty

AIESEC, association for students of business administration and economics

NESU, Nordic Economics Students' Union

Grossman, association of health economists and students of health economics is a website for all students at the University

The International Office at the University of Iceland (Office of International Education - Alþjóðaskrifstofa háskólastigsins) assists students, professors and the university administration in relation to the university's participation in multinational cooperation, such as in Erasmus, Nordplus, ISEP and MAUI, in addition to various bilateral agreements. The office serves both Icelandic and international students.
The OIE is located at Haskolatorg, 3rd floor, tel: +354 525 4311, email:

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