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Assessment and study rules

Assessment and study rules

Examinations, credits and grades

Here you can access various useful information on examinations, such as examination schedules, room schedules, examination collection and information on resit examinations.

About examinations
Examinations shall be written, unless the faculty determines otherwise.

Examinations can only be retaken once. A student wishing to resit an examination in order to improve their grade, not having failed, must note that the latter grade will be the valid grade.

It shall be noted that if assignments count towards part of a final grade then they can both increase and decrease the grade.

Students shall always pass the examination component of the course for an assignment grade to be valid. Assignments are only valid during the current academic year.

Examination info
Students can access diverse information on examinations at the University of Iceland on the Exams page in Ugla, including an overview of grade posting.

Students must show photo ID at the examination location.

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