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Student Psychology Clinic

Student Psychology Clinic

In October 2013 the Department of Psychology at the University of Iceland launched a Student Psychology Clinic, with the purpose of providing professional training for psychology students and psychological services for university students. There cand. psych. students get practicum training in doing assessment and brief psychotherapy. The service, done under supervison of licensed psychologists, is available to university students and their children. 
Psychotherapy involves talking with a person trained who helps you consider areas of concern in your life and works with you to resolve issues. At the clinic we strive to use methods that have been shown through scientific research to be helpful for people in developing personal and professional strengths and meeting their life goals. 
Because the clinic has training purposes, the sessions may be recorded and reviewed at supervision meetings. The recordings are confidential, used only to provide feedback to the cand. psych. students and will be deleted thereafter. The clinic is operated according to laws regarding confidentiality for the welfare professions in Iceland and according to ethical guidelines of the Icelandic Psychological Society. We aim at providing 10 therapy sessions for each case. One session typically takes 50 minutes and the fee for each session is payable in cash only, kr. 1500.
Director of the Student Psychology Clinic is Gunnar Hrafn Birgisson PsyD, clinical psychologist. He graduated from California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles in1993. Gunnar is licensed in the United States, as well as in Iceland. 
The Student Psychology Clinic is located at Aragata 14, telephone number is 856-2526. Entrance is at the back of the house and downstairs. For further information (in Icelandic), see the Psycholgy Faculty website.
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