University of Iceland

School of Social Sciences

Buildings and facilities

Buildings and facilities

The School of Social Sciences provides students and lecturers with first class facilities for teaching and studying. The student ID card provides students with 24 hour access to their respective home building. Students can apply for ID cards.

Teaching space:

Teaching mostly takes place in the University Centre, Oddi and Lögberg.

Computer labs:

  • Room 101 in Gimli is a computer lab with 22 computers.
  • Room 204 in the University Centre is a computer lab with 41 computers.
  • Room 102 in Oddi is a computer lab with 19 computers.
  • Room 103 in Oddi is a computer lab with 11 computers.
  • Room 301 in Oddi is a computer lab with 39 computers.

All computer labs are outfitted with printers, and a variety of software is installed on the computers. Further information is available on the Computer Services website.


The restaurant Háma, UniFood is on the University Centre square. The restaurant serves hot meals at lunch, in addition to which hot soup and several variations of sandwiches and cold courses are available. Coffee, tea and a variety of drinks are available, and Háma, UniFood also has a bar, which serves wine and beer. The Háma, UniFood menu is accessible at

Oddi has a cafeteria on level 2, which serves coffee, various drinks, sandwiches and more.

Study facilities

The University Centre has a large study facility on level 2, with reading booths. In addition, there are excellent group work facilities, both on the square and on level 1.

Level 2 of Lögberg has a reading room for law students.

The ground level of Gimli has reading rooms for undergraduate and graduate students. A facility for doctoral students in the School of Social Sciences can be found on level 2.

On levels 2 and 3 of Oddi there are open study facilities, and group work facilities. On level 3 there is also a facility for graduate students.


The offices of lecturers and research institute staff are in Oddi, Lögberg and Gimli.

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