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School of Social Sciences

About School of Social Sciences

About School of Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences is the largest school within the University of Iceland, and offers a multitude of academic programmes in six faculties: Faculty of Social and Human Sciences; Faculty of Social Work; Faculty of Economics; Faculty of Law; Faculty of Political Science and Faculty of Business Administration. Academic programmes are diverse, and great flexibility allows students to select a major and minor discipline, or to specialise within their selected discipline.

A diversity of future professions

The number of students within the school is constantly growing, as demand for graduates with a social science education is constantly growing. A social science education prepares students for a variety of jobs, for instance in media, the public sector, international relations, in banks and the financial sector, in law practices and consulting firms.

High demands of students and lecturers

Lecturers at the School of Social Sciences are the most capable academics in their respective fields, and high demands are made of lecturers and students. Topics within the social sciences are dealt with in an imaginative and critical way, and active student involvement is required. Many alumni of the School of Social Sciences have completed graduate studies at exceptional universities abroad, and an undergraduate education at the University of Iceland is established as an excellent foundation for graduate studies anywhere in the world.

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