University of Iceland

Viking and Medieval Norse Studies

A two-year Nordic Master’s Programme that offers an interdisciplinary approach to Viking and Medieval Scandinavia.

Icelandic as a second language

Studies in Icelandic as a second language are an excellent choice for students who want to improve their practical and/or academic skills in Icelandic.

History and Philosophy

Information for students

Information for students

The Faculty of History and Philosophy offers B.A. programmes in a number of academic subjects. At least 180 ECTS are required for a B.A. degree, including the Foundation Course in Philosophy (5 ECTS) which is mandatory. Completing a B.A. programme equates to three years of full time study.

Programmes concluding in B.A. degrees are either 180, 120 or 60 ECTS, and students can choose a degree with one major subject (180 ECTS) or a major (120 ECTS) and a minor (60 ECTS). Minor subjects taught at other faculties at the university can be chosen, and it is also possible to attend universities abroad for part of the studies. It is permissible for a student to complete 120 ECTS in two subjects within the faculty (240 ECTS in total) and hand in B.A. dissertations in both subjects. The student has then completed B.A. degrees majoring in two subjects.

Course assessment consists of written and/or oral examinations, exercises, projects or essays. At least 10 ECTS shall be completed through the composition of a B.A. dissertation.  

Students are required to hand in written projects in all programmes run by the faculty, and it is therefore essential that they acquaint themselves with rules that apply to written projects, literature reviews, copyright, etc. A separate set of rules applies to the composition and finish of B.A. dissertations, for which a template is available on the website.

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