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Pharmaceutical Sciences

Information for students

Information for students

Despite being small in size the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is a vibrant and highly valued research and teaching unit; in fact one of the most productive of the University's Faculties. In the past few years, there has been a steady increase in the number of undergraduates and postgraduates.

Most of the Faculty's teaching and practical training takes place at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences building named Hagi. Most of the first two years of the BS-programme in Pharmacy is taught jointly with other Faculties. Hence lectures and practical training in these courses takes place at within other departments and Faculties at the University.

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences has two lecture rooms, as well as laboratories for practical training and research, at Hagi.

At Hagi the students have access to a small area for social activities, where they have access  to a computer lab and a reading room in addition to their own own copying machine, a small shop, and access to a kitchen.

Course Catalogue

Many things must be taken into account when enrolling in university. The UI Course Catalogue is the ultimate guide for students during their studies. It includes detailed information on programmes and courses and key information about the academic year, registration, fees, examinations and more. The Course Catalogue is published once annually. Students are encouraged to review practical information in the Course Catalogue.

Student Counselling and Career Centre

The University Student Counselling and Career Centre (USCCC) provides the university's students with several kinds of support and services while studying at the university, such as advice on course and programme selection, work methods and resources for disabled students or students with  special needs. Students can book an appointment with a counsellor or come during drop-in hours. Further information on the service can be found on the USCCC website.

UI services and facilities

The university endeavours to offer students excellent facilities and a high a level of services, so their time at the university can be spent effectively and enjoyably. See a list of services and facilities available for students.


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