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ImageAll faculties at the School of Health Sciences place great emphasis on research. Most scientists at the School of Health Sciences are active researcher in their respective fields, and their participation in the international scientific and research community has grown considerably in recent years. 

Students at the School of Health Sciences have the opportunity to work on research projects under the supervision of, and in collaboration with, lecturers and research scientists and their colleagues domestically and abroad. Students are encouraged to show initiative and new thinking and do not only learn to acquire new knowledge, but also to maintain it and create new knowledge. Each year the faculties of the School of Health Sciences graduate numerous doctoral students, of both Icelandic and international nationalites. See more information on doctoral study programmes.

With active research and teaching in health sciences, the faculties contributes to knowledge creation in Icelandic society in the fields of health and life sciences. Research is carried out in collaboration with numerous parties domestically and abroad, including universities, research institutes and companies. 


On a regular basis the School of Health Sciences holds conferences where students and staff can present their research.

The School of Health Sciences hosts a conference on research in biomedical and health sciences early January every other year. The conference was held for the 18th time in January 2017, where nearly 300 new research projects were presented. The school also hosts a conference on innovation in health sciences in the fall every other year. 

Further information on research and innovation at the University of Iceland

Research manager

The School of Health Sciences research manager is Ása Vala Þórisdóttir. Her task is to monitor available research grants and funding in the field of health sciences and to assist staff in the gaining funds for their research.

Research support

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