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Institute of Odontology

Institute of Odontology

The Institute of Odontology (rules no. 734/2001) is a scientific organization within the Faculty of Odontology and sharing with it the productivity of the faculty staff.

This institute is devoted to progress in several fields of odontology through research, continuing education and specialized services. It organizes open meetings and seminars about research projects in the faculty and dental research in general.

Continuing education is provided for practising dentists in the form of lectures and courses, with some of these funded through contract with private companies.

The Institute of Odontology serves as a consultant to the surgeon general and other official health authorities and recently an agreement was made with the State University Hospital to provide consultation and specialized dental service for their patients.

The Institute of Odontology is located on Faculty of Odontology premises at Læknagarður, Vatnsmýrarvegur 16, IS-101 Reykjavík.
Tel: + 354 525-4850.

Board members:

  • Associate Prof. Svend Richter, Chair
  • Assistant Prof. Sigurjón Arnlaugsson
  • Assistant Prof. Karl Örn Karlsson
  • Assistant Prof. Sigurður Örn Eiríksson
  • Alís Heiðar Stud.Odont.


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