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Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy)

Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy)

Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy)

Please note: The physical therapy program at the University of Iceland is an entry-level degree for the field of physical therapy and most, if not all, courses are taught in the Icelandic language.

Are you interested in a career that is diverse and challenging but, at the same time, „gives back“? In a career focused on rehabilitation, coaching and health promotion and prevention, whether it be working with people who are healthy, ill, or disabled? Then the study of physical therapy might be a good choice for you!

The scope of the work of a physical therapist is extremely diverse. Physical therapists diagnose and treat movement disorders and their causes, from the patient lying in their hospital bed to the athlete competing on the field. Physical therapists work to prevent and relieve pain, stresses and strains, sicknesses, and lifestyle choices that negatively affect movement and have a detrimental effect on a person´s quality of life.

  • The Department of Physical Therapy is part of the Department of Medicine and offers a 5-year degree. It is divided up into a 3-year BS degree (180 ECTS) in physical therapy science followed by a 2-year MS degree (120 ECTS) in physical therapy. The 5-year degree fulfills the requirements for registration of physical therapists set forward by Icelandic law. Those students who began their studies in 2013 or before completed a 4-year BS degree, based on the previous system.
  • The Department´s  goal is to provide an education in physical therapy so that the graduating student is able to work in the various practice areas within the physical therapy profession and has the basic knowledge to continue their studies in a specialty area.
  • The study of physical therapy requires both theoretical knowledge and practical application. Most of the clinical education of the physical therapy student takes place in rehabiliation facilities, physical therapy offices, healthcare offices, and hospitals, where the student learns under the guidance of an experienced physical therapist.
  • The Department´s emphasis on research has increased in recent years due to student and faculty interest in pursuing masters and doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees. The Department staffs the Research Institute of Movement Science, which is dedicated to researching all areas related to movement and health.
  • Every year, 35 students are admitted to the physical therapy program, as determined by scores on the Entrance Exam. The Entrance Exam is administered at the beginning of the summer in conjunction with the Department of Medicine.


Additional information regarding the Entrance Exam for the study of physical therapy and medicine

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