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Food Science and Nutrition

About the Faculty

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition aims to provide first class teaching in food sciences and nutrition studies, and to carry out exceptional research in those academic disciplines. The faculty is already one of the strongest research units within the university, measured per lecturer position. Initially the faculty office and services will be based at the Research Centre in Nutrition, but will soon build up a strong support service and office facility.

Food science and studies in nutrition answer society's need for individuals with a specialised education to undertake important projects. Primary concerns include the safety and healthiness of food with the benefit, welfare and demands of consumers in mind. The fields of study are international. They deal with food and nutrition, both where there is too little food and people suffer from lack of it, and where incorrect or excessive consumption is damaging. The subjects take into account tradition and environmental issues, and work towards realistic solutions of projects.

Procurement, production, processing and sales of food will, for the unforeseen future, be one of the main pillars of the economy. The importance of basic research in food science is increasing, partly because there is an emergence of new products in the marketplace, based on the rapid development in biotechnology. Projects include biotechnology solutions, production, processing, safety, utilisation, packaging and development of food with the interests of consumers guiding the way.

Studies in nutrition take into account public health and perspectives on healthy living and deals with, amongst other things, the nutritional needs of individuals that are healthy and unwell during various stages of life, the role and balance of nutrients in the human body, the quality of food based on health and risk, and dietary recommendations.

Professional opportunities
The professional prospects of food scientists and nutritionists are very good.

Food scientists do important work in most fields related to food production, diets, research, administration, consultation and marketing. Many work within the food industry in management of production, quality, product development and executive management of companies. Others work on research in various institutions, in the biotechnology industry, and in teaching. Food scientists also work on marketing and as consultants at financial institutions.

Nutritionists take part in administration, strategy formation and decisions regarding nutrition-related topics, and in dietary recommendations. They work, for instance, for private companies, research institutes, supervisory and government institutions, universities and other educational and health institutions. They work on research, product development, marketing, promotion, administration and consultation.

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