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Students who intend to graduate must register their intent through Ugla or the Student Registry – intended graduation is visible in Ugla.
They must also submit an electronic form to confirm their intent to graduate no later than 6 weeks in advance of their intended graduation date.

Form for students completing undergraduate or post graduate diploma programmes:

Diploma programme graduation form


Form for students completing bachelor's or master's degrees:

Degree (BA/B.Ed./BS or MA/M.Ed.MS) programme graduation form


Graduation ceremonies are held twice yearly:

•    In June for students completing their studies in May
•    In February for students completing their studies in September and December.

Students who complete their studies during summer semester (in September) graduate in October, but since there is no ceremony in October they may collect their diplomas from the School of Education Office of Academic and Student Affairs. They may also take part in the February ceremony should they so choose.

Only students completing full bachelor's or master's degrees (180 credit BA, B.Ed. or BS degrees, or 120 credit MA, M.Ed. or MS degrees) participate in the university wide graduation ceremonies. Students completing undergraduate or graduate diploma programmes (30 or 60 credits) must nevertheless also register their intent to graduate by submitting the appropriate form.

A student who does not register for and confirm his/her intended graduation date, will not graduate, even though all other requirements have been fulfilled.

A student who is in debt to the School of Education Library or Computer Services at three weeks before the intended graduation date may find their graduation delayed.


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