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We educate teachers, sports and health scientists, social educators and leisure professionals.

Sport, Leisure Studies and Social Education



A variety of research projects in the fields of education, pedagogy and training are carried out at the School of Education, for the purpose of creating new knowledge for the benefit of the Icelandic society. An emphasis is placed on the structure and development of Icelandic education affairs being based on the best available knowledge at any given time.

The Educational Research Institute

The School of Education Research Strategy 2008-2013 was formally approved at the meeting of the Iceland University of Education University Council 24th June 2008. It includes an action plan, which will be monitored by the Research Committee, which replaces the Research Council, the body previously responsible for research at the Iceland University of Education. The Research Committee is responsible for developing research in the field, and relating it to research-based graduate studies. The committee is comprised of heads of faculties, the supervisor of the doctoral programmes in the school, and the committee director. In addition to this, various research-related affairs, such as research funds and evaluation of research activities are the responsibility of the school’s director. Service research is the responsibility of the Centre for Continuing Education and Research, as well as research units supervising a variety of research projects within the school.


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