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We educate teachers, sports and health scientists, social educators and leisure professionals.

Education Studies

Academic programmes

Academic programmes

Diverse graduate studies in education are offered, as well as a new programme, International Studies in Education. In addition, a variety of professional master’s programmes are offered for practicing teachers and administrators in preschools, primary schools and upper-secondary schools, as well as vigorous research-based programmes at the master’s and doctoral levels.

Students learn about studies and development, nurture and education from the perspective of education studies, psychology, sociology, philosophy and ethics. In parallel a rich emphasis is placed on ties to the prospective work place. The Faculty of Education Studies is a strong and growing faculty with approximately 600 students enrolled. Lecturers at the faculty are amongst the foremost in the field of educational sciences in Iceland.

Undergraduate programmes
Education studies
International studies in Education

Graduate programmes
Education studies
Educational Administration and Evaluation Studies
Psychology in Educational Science

Further information about programmes at the faculty is available in the Course Catalogue

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