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Public Health Sciences

Graduate programs in Public Health Sciences

Public Health Sciences

Master's programme

Master's programme

MPH (Master of Public Health) 120 ECTS

The MPH program is a two year (four semesters), postgraduate program. Credit distribution is as follows: Core requirements: 42 ECTS, cross-departmental electives: 18-48 ECTS, research thesis: 30-60 ECTS.

Core requirements are distributed over the first three semesters. Students define their research question or thesis, and choose an advisor and committee, in the first or second semesters. Electives can be distributed over four semesters. Most post-graduate level courses at UI can be elected, but students are advised to consult with their advisor and choose corses that supplement their final thesis.

Students are registered at the Faculty of Medicine upon enrolment. Graduating faculty is, as a rule, the advisor's faculty. The Master of Public Health Degree, MPH, is deferred upon successful completion of the program.

Course materials and presentations for core requirements are usually in English. The language of instruction however is Icelandic, unless the proportion of international students exceeds 15-20% of students registered for a course: in those cases the language of instruction is English.

Degree planner

Below is the list of concentrations for the MPH degree program. You'll find further information on elective courses in the course catalogue.

1. Quantitive Methods
Core requirements 42 ECTS, electives 18 ECTS and 60 ECTS research thesis

2. Health Care Management and Policy
Core requirements 42 ECTS, electives 48 ECTS and 30 ECTS thesis

3. Public Health Promotion
Core requirements 42 ECTS, electives 48 ECTS and 30 ECTS thesis

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