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Public Health Sciences

Graduate programs in Public Health Sciences

Public Health Sciences

About the programme

About the programme

An interdisciplinary approach in an international environment

The first students in public health sciences at the University of Iceland enrolled in autumn of 2007. In fall 2012 about 58MPH students, 17Ph.D students and 30 Diploma students are enrolled.

The interdisciplinary master and doctoral degree programs in Public Health Sciences (MPH and Ph.D) aim to enhance students' knowledge of health and evidence-based health promotion. The emphasis of the programs is on research in a broad range of health related fields; students acquire extensive methodological skills in epidemiology and biostatistics for conducting sound studies in public health. In addition, the students get generic training in planning, executing and documenting the effectiveness of preventive interventions.

Students and faculty are of diverse academic and professional backgrounds. A broad offer of electives enables students to tailor their studies to their area of interest and establish links to other academic departments within the University. Students have the opportunity to complete part of their studies abroad, and conduct their research at their place of work or within prominent public and private agencies. Our objective is to confirm our role as an internationally renowned research centre in public health sciences.

The MPH and Ph.D degrees are internationally recognised credentials in public health. The programs are designed for those that aspire to leadership roles within the health sector, be it governmental, international or in the private sector, as well as for those that aim on a career in research.

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health Sciences is a part-time program, designed for professionals within the health, social and education sectors.

Studies in public health sciences were established as part of the University's Strategy and Objectives to boost interdisciplinary studies and research through the existing advantage of diversity within the school's faculties and international relations. Collaborative partners, and faculty, come from leading international academic institutions in the field as well as renowned Icelandic organisations, that manage many of the population based health registers.

Centre of Public Health Sciences

The Centre of Public Health Sciences (CPHS) is responsible for the day to day administration of the programme. In addition to organising and teaching the programme's core modules and providing supervision and support for students, CPHS organises short courses, symposia and lectures, often in collaboration with domestic and international institutions, as well as other UI faculties. Four senior lecturers and one research fellow in biostatistics are employed on a permanent basis, but teaching staff also includes numerous lecturers from other UI faculties and guest lecturers from partner institutions.

Further information on research and publications at CPHS

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