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Public Health Sciences

Graduate programs in Public Health Sciences

Public Health Sciences

Doctoral degree programme

Doctoral degree programme

DrPH  Doctor of Public Health 180 ECTS

The program provides extensive training in research methods, including data management and statistical methodologies. Students are expected to refine their presentational skills and be able to initiate and lead a debate in their area of interest. The Ph.D thesis includes a minimum of three manuscripts, of which two must be published, or accepted for publication, at the time of doctoral examination. The objective is to provide students with in depth knowledge in their area of interest, and prepare them to work independently in public health sciences.

Students work under the tutelage of a supervisor. The studies are conducted on an individual basis and take 3-5 years.

The greater part of the programme, or no less than 150 ECTS, is an independent research project. Certain core courses from the MPH programme or equivalent, are required for students that do not hold an MPH degree.

Students graduate from the faculty where their tutor/supervisor is affiliated. The academic exit award is a Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Sciences. Further information on the PhD program in public health are in the course catalogue.

For more information on doctoral studies at the UI School of Health Sciences, such as admission policy, structure, duration and content of the PhD programmes,  see our rules on doctoral studies.

For general information on doctoral studies at the Universtiy of Iceland visit the Centre for graduate studies.

Practical information, such as registration fees, credit transfer etc., can be found here.

A list of doctoral students in public health

Application requirements and procedures
A masters degree is generally a necessary prerequisite for admission to the PhD program. A minimum TOEFL or IELTS is required; furhter information on proof of English proficiency at UI is here

Before you submit your application, you must find a relevant project and a supervisor, with an affiliation with the University of Iceland, who would like to guide you through the PhD. The application, including a research proposal, is completed by the applicant and co-signed by the supervisor.

Finding a suitable supervisor within UI may seem daunting and requires some research. We recommend using the staff listing page where one can search by both faculty and speciality. The next step would be to contact a faculty member whose speciality matches your research plan and outline. We do not have a specific list of available supervisors.

An application may be made in English or Icelandic.
Application and appendices should be submitted in electronic format (MS Word or PDF format):
Appendices (originals) should also be mailed to: Centre of Public Health Sciences, Stapi at Hringbraut, 101 Reykjavík.

Admission for the PhD program in public health is rolling, and applications can be submitted at any time of the year. Please note that the application will not be processed until all supporting documents have been received.

Applications for the PhD programme are reviewed by the programme board for initial evaluation, and, once approved, forwarded to the Committee for Doctoral Studies at the supervisor's faculty, for final assessment. This process usually takes between 4-6 weeks.

Upon favourable review, the applicant is invited for an interview.

Applicant's would register at UI for the semester following their acceptance to the program.

Application form


  • Curriculum vitae of student, and degree certificates (BSc and/or MSc, or equivalent degree in English).
  • Curriculum vitae of supervisor/advisor (those that have previously supervised doctoral students do not need to send in a CV).
  • Copy of permissions (e.g. from Ethics committes) if relevant.
  • Proof of English proficiency if applicable.
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