University of Iceland

Programme structure

The NordMaG is integrated into a local Master´s degree programme at the respective universities (120 ECTS credits). At UI and JyU the studies are organised into four academic terms and an individual study plan will be established for the students. At LU the programme is presently organized over 4 years i.e. half-time studies. Through an individual study plan the programme can be completed in 2 years.
The joint NordMaG curriculum consists of:

  • Introduction to gerontology course, web-based, (5 ECTS)
  • Mandatory courses in gerontology, (20 ECTS)
  • Study abroad period, including e.g. intensive courses, (minimum of 30 ETCS)
  • Master´s thesis, topic in gerontology, (minimum of 40 ECTS)

The joint NordMaG courses combine multiple teaching methods, English will be the language of instruction. The intensive courses will be organized by the respective universities in turn, one per term, starting at JyU.

In addition, the programme includes local mandatory and elective courses up to 120 ECTS according to the requirements of the local Master´s degree programmes at the respective universities.

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