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Student Registration

The Student Registration oversees registration for all students, and provides them with the service they require, such as certificates in relation to applications for study in Iceland and abroad, in addition to various general certificates, e.g. regarding rental subsidies, maternity leave, leave of absence, sickness benefits, unemployment benefits, etc. Applications for study shall be made electronically on the University of Iceland website.

Further information on the responsibilities of the Student Registration, and the services it provides:

  • The Student Registration oversees enrolment of students and registration of students for courses at all faculties at the university.

  • The Student Registration registers and stores data on students' transcripts, academic progress, courses, examinations and grades.

  • The Student Registration is responsible for the collection of student registration fees.

  • Student Registration staff respond to all queries students might have relating to their registration

  • During announced registration periods, the Student Registration processes requests for registration and deregistration for courses and examinations, in the event that students are unable to do so themselves through Ugla-intranet.

  • The Student Registration issues, upon request, confirmations of admissions status, overviews of academic progress and certified transcripts of graduation certificates and enclosures. Confirmations of admissions status are also issued at the University Centre Service Desk.

  • The University Centre Service Desk and the Student Registration receive medical certificates in relation to illness during examination periods.

  • The Student Registration is responsible for the preparation of graduation proceedings, in cooperation with faculties and the Rector's Office.

The Student Registration is located in University Centre, level 3. Telephone +354 525-4309, email:

Office hours: 9:00-12:00 and 12:30-15:00 Monday to Friday.

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