University of Iceland

University Libary's branches


The National and University Library of Iceland operates a number of branches and specialist libraries.

Book rooms and smaller libraries are located in:

  • Eirberg for the use of students of nursing and medicine; the Landspítali - University Hospital Division of Library and Scientific Information collection mainly covers subjects relating to health sciences
  • Hagi houses a library for the use of students of pharmaceutics
  • Lögberg for students of law
  • The Nordic House for students of Nordic languages
  • Stapi for the use of students of physiotherap
  • VR-II and the Natural Sciences Building for the use students in the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences.
  • The School of Education library on the Stakkahlíð campus provides general library services all year, except for the two to three weeks of summer closure in July. The library offers a specific teaching material collection for the preschool and basic school levels, where students can seek guidance in teaching materials and approaches in preparation for practice teaching. An information service and guidance in library search is provided at the library, and instruction in data collection is an integral part of introductory courses at the beginning of the studies.

The library at the Centre for Sport and Health Sciences specialises in those subjects and provides study facilities, group work facilities and desks with personal computers.


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