University of Iceland

Service institutions

The International Office provides information and assistance in relation to international collaboration within education.

The University of Iceland Continuing Education Institute answers the needs of professionals with university degrees for continuing education and in-service training (in Icelandic only).

The University of Iceland Press undertakes publication of any original or translated texts that relate to research and teaching at the University of Iceland.

The University of Iceland Gymnasium is a venue for physical education and fitness training for students and staff. Classes take place in the ground floor gymnasium and a fitness suite is located on level 2. The building is open Mondays to Saturdays, but is closed on Sundays.

The University of Iceland Teaching Centre provides academic development services to University of Iceland lecturers.

The National and University Library of Iceland holds approximately 800,000 volumes of books, periodicals and other materials, including subscriptions to a vast number of electronic archives. The library offers good reading facilities. Students and lecturers are provided with a library card free of charge, and are entitled to various instruction and guidance in library search and literature review.

The University Art Collection is responsible for the preservation and maintenance of the founding donation and other works in its possession, and for encouraging research into Icelandic art history. The museum also organises exhibitions, both of its own collection and in collaboration with others.

The University of Iceland Student Counselling and Career Centre provides assistance in choice of study and various other matters relating to university studies.

Computing Services operates the University of Iceland computer network, is responsible for computer equipment for teaching etc.

The University Archives collect and preserve files and other documentation belonging to the University of Iceland and its institutions.

The Language Centre provides facilities for independent study of languages. Students, lecturers and other UI staff can gain access to a wide assortment of teaching materials and up-to-date information systems aimed at the study of languages.

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