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The Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies

  • The role of the Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies is to conduct research on Icelandic Studies and related scholarly topics, especially in the field of Icelandic language and literature, disseminate knowledge in these fields and preserve and augment the collections within its care.

Biomedical Center

  • The research facility is the workplace for lecturers in biochemistry, pathological biochemistry and medical genetics at the Faculty of Medicine.

Centre for Children and Family Research 

  • The Centre for Children and Family Research has the objective to strengthen family research within the field of social work. Family research deals with communication and interaction in families, and involves all age groups and times of life.

Centre for Childhood and Youth Studies (BÆR) (in Icelandic only)

Centre for Disability Studies

Centre for Ethics

  • A research, service and public education institution, which e.g. is a venue for inter-disciplinary collaboration on the subject of ethics.

Centre for Multi-Cultural Studies

Centre for Research into Challenges Facing Children and Young People (in Icelandic only)

Centre for Research on Diversity and Gender (In Icelandic only)

  • A forum for research and education in the studies of human rights and discrimination; and equality, gender and diversity studies in a broad sense.

Centre for Research in Early Childhood Education (RannUng) 

Centre for Research in Educational Leadership, Innovation and Educational Evaluation

The Center for Research on Equality, Gender and Education

Centre for Research in the Humanities 

  • A venue for research and development in academic subjects within humanities. The centre provides participating institutions and scholars with service and assistance with projects related to research, organises conferences and seminars and releases academic publications.

Centre for Research on ICT and Media in Education

Centre for Research in Icelandic Studies and Icelandic Language Teaching (in Icelandic)

Centre for Small State Studies

  • The objective of the research centre is to strengthen research and education in small state studies.

The Dental Institute

  • An institute for research, education and service within odontology and related subjects, pursued at the Faculty of Odontology.

Earthquake Engineering Research Centre

  • The Earthquake Engineering Research Centre in Selfoss, attend to inter-disciplinary research into the nature and effects of earthquakes.

Edda - Center of Excellence

  • An interdisciplinary Center of Excellence in critical contemporary research, with emphasis on (in)equality and difference; the welfare state; societal transitions and transnational politics; and security and develop­ment.

The Educational Research Institute

  • The Institute conducts research and provides advice and services with the aim of strengthening research in the field of education and related fields.

Engineering Research Institute (no website)

  • Research and development in the field of technical and practical sciences.

Genetical Committee at the University of Iceland (in Icelandic)

The mission of the Genetical Committee is:

  • to reinforce genetic research at the University of Iceland, Landspitali – National University Hospital of Iceland and elsewhere,
  • to maintain and operate the committees database on geneaology,
  • to provide services in the field of genealogy and genetics, including genetic counseling, 
  • to strengthen relationships within and outside of the University and with industry and society. 

Human Behaviour Laboratory

  • Research and development (of models and software) on the organisation of behaviour in human interaction.

Historical Institute (in Icelandic only)

  • Attends to research in history and organises conferences, courses, lectures and any other enterprise that introduces history to the general public.

The Icelandic Cancer Society's Molecular and Cell Biology Research Laboratory (in Icelandic only)

  • Research that increases knowledge and understanding of the nature of cancer.

The Icelandic Centre for Language Technology

  • The Icelandic Centre for Language Technology is venue where the University of Iceland Institute of Linguistics, the Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies and the School of Computer Science at Reykjavík University collaborate on research and development in language technology.

The Icelandic Language Institute

Institute for Experimental Pathology, University of Iceland, Keldur

  • The main tasks are research and diagnosis of diseases in animals, and production of vaccines to prevent ovine diseases.

Institute for Public Administration and Politics

  • A venue for discussion, research and education in Public Administration.The main role of the Institute for Public Administration and Politics is to strengthen teaching and research into the administration of public institutions, both on governmental and local authority levels.

Institute for Sustainable Development

  • The main role of the institute is two-fold: to encourage research and colleaboration on various aspects of sustainable development, and to be a venue for inter-disciplinary research for university lecturers and scholars.

Institute of Biology

  • Boosts research and teaching in biology in Iceland. Furthermore, the institute attends to research in practical aspects of biology.

Institute of Business Research (in Icelandic)

  • A venue to conduct and coordinate research and present research findings. The institute also forms bonds between the faculty and external parties, through research service, consultancy and reports on Business Administration and related subjects.

The Institute of Earth Sciences

  • Attends to research and teaching in the field of earth sciences, focusing on geological conditions in Iceland and surroundings.

Institute of Economic Studies

  • Research in economics, collection of information and knowledge of the Icelandic national economy.

The Icelandic Centre for Asian Studies (ASÍS)

  • Attends to research and education on topics related to Asia.

Institute of International Affairs and the Centre for Small State Studies

  • A venue for research and teaching on international affairs.

The Institute of Lexicography

Institute of Life and Environmental Sciences

The Institute of Linguistics (in Icelandic only)

  • Basic research in Icelandic and general linguistics.

The Institute of Literary Research

  • Teaching and research on Icelandic literature and general literary studies.

Institute of Nursing Research

  • The centre shall strengthen the ties between research and teaching, and coordinate research in nursing and midwifery at the University of Iceland.

The Institute of Philosophy (in Icelandic only)

  • Conducts research in philosophy and provides advice on teaching, syllabus and examinations in philosophy in Icelandic schools. The institute furthermore releases publications on philosophical topics.

The Institute of Physiology (in Icelandic)

  • Provides research facilities for all tenured lecturers in physiology at the University of Iceland. The board of the institute can also, if facilities and funding allow, award facilities to scholars in other fields.

The Institute of Theology

  • A research, service and educational institution in the field of theology and related disciplines that are taught at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies.

Institute of Research Centres

The Law Institute

  • An academic institution for research and teaching in law and related subjects.

Mývatn Research Station

  • Cooperates closely with the Institute of Biology on research on Mývatn and its surroundings.

Nordic Volcanological Centre

  • A joint Nordic institution that is responsible for conducting research in volcanology, focusing on petrology, geochemistry, geophysics and volcanic history.

The Nursing Research (in Icelandic)

The Place-Name Institute of the National Museum of Iceland

Research Centre for Development, Language and Literacy amongst Children and Teenagers (no website)

Research Centre for Inclusive Education

Research Centre for Learning and Teaching Foreign and Second Languages (in Icelandic)

Research Centre for Mathematics Education

Research Centre for Movement Sciences (in Icelandic)

Research Centre for Occupational Health & Working Life

  • The Research Centre for Occupational Health and Working Life (RIV) is an academic institution for research and public education, operated jointly by the Administration of Occupational Safety and Health and the University of Iceland.

Research Centre in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Centre for Preventive Medicine (no website available)

  • The centre is a research venue for lecturers in epidemiology and preventive medicine.

Research Centre for Sport and Health Sciences (in Icelandic)

Research Institute for Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy (in Icelandic)

RIKK - Institute for Gender, Equality and Difference

  • Gathering and dissemination of knowledge in the field of women's, gender and equality research.

Science Institute - University of Iceland

  • The Science Institute is a venue for base research in empirical sciences.

Sigurður Nordal Institute 

Social Research Center

The Social Science Research Institute

  • Attends to publication in the field of social science and applied and theoretical research in social science.

The University of Iceland Human Rights Institute

  • Attends to research into legal aspects of human rights; publishes research findings and supports teaching in this field.

The University Research Station in Hveragerði

  • Environmental and ecological research on hot-springs.

Unit for Food Chemistry Research 

Unit for Nutrition Research

Vestmannaeyjar Research Centre

  • A University of Iceland branch in Vestmannaeyjar. Focuses on research and research degrees in natural sciences and subjects related to the professional sector in Vestmannaeyjar.

Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute of Foreign Languages

  • An institute for research on foreign languages. Research fields include: linguistics, literature and cultural studies; the applicability of foreign languages in the professional sector; teaching of foreign languages; translations. The institute attends to publication of works on these topics, and consultancy on the aforementioned scholarly fields.


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