University of Iceland

The oldest Faculty

The oldest Faculty

The Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies is the oldest faculty at the University of Iceland. In recent years programmes have become increasingly diverse, and an increased emphasis has been placed on religious studies.



hing within the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies takes place, to a large extent, on level 2 of the Main Building at the university, and in particular in room 229, opposite the University Chapel. The faculty offers the following degree programmes:

  • Theology, B.A.
  • Candidatus theologiæ (cand. theol.) degree, upon completion of a B.A. degree
  • Magistra der Theologie (mag. theol.) degree, for those students enrolling autumn 2007 or later
  • Theology - Deacon Studies, B.A.
  • Religious studies, interdisciplinary programme
  • Theology, M.A.
  • Theology, Ph.D.
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