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There are a number of different routes to choose from, in order to become a preschool, primary or upper secondary school teacher. Teaching education at the University of Iceland is now at the master‘s level and there are more options for specialisation than before. These changes promote increased professionalism and job satisfaction, as well as more career opportunities.

Teachers play an important role in society, and therefore teacher education has been popular. The majority of those that complete teaching studies work as teachers, but the course is also useful for various other positions, both within the educational system and in the general labour market.

 After completing their master´s course, teachers apply for a licence to work in preschools, primary or secondary schools, in accordance with the law on teacher education no. 87/2008 and regulation no. 872/2009.


Preschool teacher education is for future preschool teachers and also grants permission to teach in the first classes of primary school, with a certain choice of specialisation. An emphasis on the arts can also be selected.

Early primary school teaching confers full primary school teaching rights, as well as a licence to teach the oldest children in preschool, provided that the right specialisation has been completed.

General Teacher Education is a programme for teachers who prefer a broad base and a specialisation in two subjects, such as two school subjects or a school subject and an educational field that deals with teaching across subjects and age groups.

Teacher Education with subject specialisation is for those who want to specialise in one school subject in primary school, and also get permission to teach that subject in beginners’ courses in upper secondary school.

These programmes for preschool and primary school teachers will continue to be offered on the master‘s level, but in addition there are master‘s courses for working teachers.

Teaching and learning studies is a course for working teachers at the master‘s level. Several areas of specialisation can be chosen within the programme.  

Special programme at the master‘s level is for those who want to shape their own emphasis and specialisation in the master‘s study.

Future upper secondary school teachers will also find programmes within the Faculty of Teacher Education, once they have completed their BA or BS degrees in school subjects.

Upper Secondary School Teaching, M.Ed., is for those who intend to complete a master‘s programme from the School of Education with a specialisation in their subject and an emphasis on pedagogy.

Upper Secondary School Teaching, graduate diploma, is for students who want to complete 60 credits within the School of Education and complete a master‘s degree in their academic field.

Preschool Teacher Education, graduate diploma, is for future preschool teachers who have completed BA, BS or B.Ed. degrees in a field related to pedagogy or areas of learning in preschools.



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