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Welcome to the Faculty of Physical Sciences

The Faculty of Physical Sciences (FPS) belongs to the the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences and is responsible for teaching and conducting research in mathematics, physics and chemistry at the University of Iceland.

FPS offers B.S.-degree programmes in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology and engineering physics with flexibility for some specialisation within these major lines. Besides offering teaching and training to our own undergraduate students FPS also is responsible for providing basic teaching of its subjects to large groups of students within the University of Iceland including engineering, computer sciences, geology, biology, food and nutrition sciences, medicine, pharmacology and odontology.  

FPS also offers following graduate degrees:


High-quality research is performed in mathematics and physical sciences witin the FPS. The research facilities are located at the Science Institute (SI) of University of Iceland. SI is divided into two institutions, the Institute of Physical Sciences (IPS) and the Institute of Earth Sciences. IPS is the site of research for all professors and academic research staff of FPS as well as the graduate students and postdocs that belong to FPS. The activities of IPS are divided into three corresponding Divisions.

The Mathematics Division is the forum of research in mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics and mathematical physics. The division accommodates an advanced interdisciplinary ‘Center of Applied Mathematics and Statistics'. The Physics Division is the site of research in theoretical and experimental physics as well as astrophysics. An advanced ‘Nanoscience Center' is operated within the Physics Division. The Chemistry Division offers a variety of research topics within theoretical chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, preparative organic and inorganic chemistry and biochemistry. The ‘Chemical Analysis Centre' is operated within the division possessing sophisticated modern analytical facilities and instruments. The ‘Centre of Computational Sciences' is operated jointly between the Chemistry and Physics Divisions and scientists at the Reykjavik University.

The research activity at IPS reflects both ambitious and successful international collaboration involving academic institutions and the private sector in relation to high-technology. The success is reflected by the high activity in number of publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The scientists at IPS are particularly efficient in obtaining research grants to finance their research activities through competitive national and international public funds and private local and international high-tech companies. A large number of M.S. and Ph.D. candidates have graduated from the Faculty of Physical Sciences and an increasing number of M.S. and Ph.D. students are participating in the research activities as well as a number of postdocs.


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