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Elín Soffía ÓlafsdóttirA valuable contribution to the knowledge society

"The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences emphasises teaching methods that encourage the independence and initiative of students. Studies in pharmaceutical sciences are based in part on practical training, project work and problem solving, where students and teachers work closely together with great potential for creative collaboration. Students within the faculty are given opportunities to partake in research projects led by faculty teachers and their colleagues, both locally and abroad," says Elín Soffía Ólafsdóttir, Professor at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

"Studies in pharmaceutical sciences are interdisciplinary in their nature, and are constantly evolving in tandem with increased knowledge and development in pharmaceutical sciences. Pharmacologists and specialists in pharmaceutical sciences work in a variety of positions within the heath services, in research and in the pharmaceutical industry. Their work is a valuable contribution to the contemporary knowledge society. They need to constantly be aware and gain new knowledge. The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences places a great emphasis on graduated students having a good understanding of the discipline, have good work methods and, last but not least, have the abilities and skills to gather knowledge independently."

"The goal of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is to strengthen domestic knowledge of the discipline with powerful education and research, which stands equal to the best parallel faculties in Western universities have to offer. The faculty emphasises good cooperation with the health sector and pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and monitors developments in the professional sector. The content and structure of the studies are constantly under review, and a rich emphasis is placed on cultivating cooperation with foreign universities in the fields of research, education and student exchanges."

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