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Welcome to the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is an educational and research institution of international standing, which has close ties with Icelandic industry and society.

Despite being small in size, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is a vibrant and highly valued research and teaching unit; in fact it is one of the most productive of the University's Faculties. Courses are taught in Icelandic, but most textbooks are in English. However, a fairly large number of exchange students take part of their studies at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Majority of those exchange students are well advanced in their studies and come to Iceland for research. All prospective exchange students must begin the process of enrolment by contacting their home university. Further information can be found on the Office of International Education website.

In the last few years the number of PhD students at the faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences has been increasing. A large number of international students are currently pursuing their PhD degrees at the Faculty.

Formal teaching of pharmacy began in 1957 at the University of Iceland. Pharmacy was a department within the Faculty of Medicine until the year 2000, when Pharmacy became an independent Faculty within the University of Iceland.

Initially, the pharmacy programme consisted of three years of theoretical study (a 180 ECTS-credit programme leading to an Examinatus Pharmaciae degree). In 1982 formal training leading to the Candidatus Pharmaciae-degree (300 ECTS-credits) was commenced, and the first students with Cand. Pharm. Degrees graduated from the University of Iceland in 1987. In accordance with the Bologna agreement, the pharmacy programme was divided into a 180 ECTS-credit BS-programme, followed by a 120 ECTS-credit MS-programme in 2005.

Since the Cand. Pharm.-programme was initiated in 1982, an emphasis has been placed on practical laboratory training in addition to theoretical studies. This emphasis on theory and practical training (teaching and research) has stimulated the development and growth of pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Iceland – a development which looks most promising.

In addition to the BS and MS-programmes in Pharmacy, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers a 120 ECTS-credit MS-programme in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and a three-year Ph.D.-programme in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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