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Sóley_BenderCreative collaboration between students and teachers

Graduates in nursing are independent, show initiative and have critical thinking skills Clinical education in the Faculty of Nursing can raise many questions relating to health problems, treatment and results, which require a common solution. In fact, all projects that students in clinical studies work on involve creative student-teacher collaboration. Research projects, which are in their nature very creative, involve a lot of cooperation between student and supervisor," says Sóley S. Bender, Professor at the Faculty of Nursing.

It is important for graduates to possess certain basic skills, such as independence, initiative, critical thinking, a constant quest for knowledge, respect and concern for clients, as well as professional methods of work and good communication skills. Those who complete a four-year BS degree in nursing should be capable of working in all health institutions in the country, and anywhere in the world. Levels of specialisation vary depending on the length of graduate studies, and student ambition plays a significant role in how they use their education.

Offering an exceptional education in nursing and midwifery is strongly emphasised, on all educational levels, including the BS degree. We have a host of very good teachers who have studied across the globe at respected universities. The availability of graduate level courses has been revolutionised in the last few years. The faculty puts a primary emphasis on quality of education.

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