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Welcome to the Faculty of Nursing

The Faculty of Nursing is a progressive faculty within the School of Health Sciences at the University of Iceland. In total more than 600 students are enrolled at the faculty in both undergraduate and graduate programmes. Programme offerings at the Faculty of Nursing include a four year B.S. programme in nursing, various specialisations on the graduate level, as well as doctoral programmes. All courses are taught in Icelandic; for a list of courses taught in English, see here.

A programme in Midwifery is also available at the faculty; the exit degree in this programme is a Certificate in Midwifery. It is the faculty's aim to make distance learning provisions available to students; this has meant that students from rural areas have increasingly had the opportunity to study at the faculty. The Faculty of Nursing employs lecturers who have received education and training from a wide range of university worldwide and who conduct research and teaching in various academic subjects.

At graduation, students have acquired knowledge and skills that are necessary in order to be able to provide professional and reliable nursing and midwifery services which aim towards the mental, physical and social wellbeing of their patients. The qualifications of graduates from the University of Iceland are considered excellent, and they are able to pursue careers in any health care institution in Iceland, out in the community or anywhere in the world. Graduates have also been very successful when studying abroad. Lecturers at the Faculty of Nursing are involved in varied collaboration with universities in the Nordic countries, Europe and the United States as regards research, teaching and student exchanges. For example a very strong partnership exists with the University of Minnesota.

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