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Welcome to Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences

ImageThe bachelor and graduate programs of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences provide degrees in the fields of biology, geography and tourism studies. The curriculum covers considerable ground, from the smallest units of life, the working of genes and cells, to global changes in the environment and how it affects and is affected by mankind. The degree programs and research of the biological sciences branch covers molecular biology, genomics, marine and fisheries biology, ecology and evolution. Similarly the Faculty teach and study cultural tourism, nature-based tourism, physical geography, soil science, natural hazards and regional and local development. For further information see the Research section.

Graduate degrees are awarded in biology, tourism studies and geography. Currently around fourty graduate students, mainly Ph.D. students, are conducting research in these fields. Two thirds are native Icelanders, but the international contingent includes people of German, French, Indian and Russian decent. Further information is provided in the Academic programmes section.

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