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Our students are popular professionals

Students in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science tackle real problems from the professional sector.

"Several courses in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science are based on projects where the solution comes about through student-teacher cooperation. To start with these are often prepared problems or research, but during the course of the studies we are ever frequently faced with real problems, both connected to the professional sector and scholarly research," says Kristján Jónasson, Associate Professor of Computer Science.

"Students often collaborate in groups, and to start with this cooperation takes place in so-called 'work labs' where a teacher walks between student groups and discusses solutions to problems with them. As studies progress, students are given a chance to prove themselves in paid part-time positions at the faculty, both in teaching and research. Various events make the collaboration interesting, such as the annual design competition where moveable machines are built to reach the end of an obstacle course.

We want our graduates to have both knowledge of the newest methods and technology, but also to understand the traditional theoretical foundations. We want them to be unafraid to take initiative and tackle challenging projects. Our graduates are popular professionals, and they know how to solve problems using theoretical approaches, thus 'calculating' the best solution. Many students end up in positions of authority in the country and they are well prepared handle the responsibility.

The faculty makes strict demands of the education and qualifications of its staff. Attempts are made to have student and teacher facilities as good as possible, and students’ access to teachers is good. In this manner we try to attract good students, which is an important prerequisite for becoming a leading player."

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